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Rumor Mill

The ol' Rumor Mill is turning out some stories today.  Some surprising, some sad, some just plain weird.  You be the judge.  These rumors have little to no proof to back them up.  

  • The Rumor Mill tells us that Brian Giles has been bringing a special lady friend to the ballpark recently.  That's right folks a genuine female has been enjoying the company of Sir Brian J. Giles.  Atta boy Giles.
  • This rumor hurts and sickens me.  A certain down on his luck Padres player has strayed from his marital vows and like many baseball players before him has fallen into the arms of a skank homewrecker.
  • Did you know that there is an unwritten law between Padres wives?  Apparently what they see and hear about in the company of their husbands regarding teammates infidelities must be kept secret at all costs.  You'd think that the wives would rat out the players, but they keep the secrets apparently.
  • Padres wives have noticed recently that a group of skanks have been following certain Padres players from town to town.  They sit in "Padres Wives and Girlfriends" section and the wives are curiously wondering who they belong too.  No word yet on the owner of said skanks.
  • A Padres player was put on the DL sometime this year after contracting crabs from a dirty mattress. No one believes the story about the dirty mattress.