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Open Thread, 8/6: Padres vs Nationals

Peavy takes the rubbermatch in his capable hands. The offense showed up last night, so I'm hoping it sticks around. In other news:

  • Mark Bellhorn has a nation. What's the official language of Bellhorn Nation? I'm guessing the language of love.

  • Ducksnorts documents some of Peavy's woes. Geoff is clear to say that he doesn't make any excuses, but I mean... let's not make any excuses. There was a stretch where Peavy was giving up over 4 runs a game while pitching in front of the second best defense in the National League. And sure, you can't really judge defense, but you take what you can get, and what we've been getting hasn't really been Jake Peavy as we know him.
That was a long bullet point there.