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Open Thread: 8/5, Pads vs. Nats

  • Thompson vs. Astacio
  • Bochy says Khalil will more than likely come back on Tuesday.
  • Chris Young has womanly hips, child bearing hips if you will.  He's very shapely.  Badonkadonk.
  • Klesko starts a rehab assignment on Monday in the Minor Leagues. Hitting is coming along better then the throwing. He's looking forward to fill in at first, or the corner outfield spots.
  • Remember when the Giants fans called us thugs for throwing one, maybe two syringes on the field.  When Bonds was booted last night for arguing the strike zone, fans threw their garbage on the field.  So uncivilized.
    ... after Bonds was thrown out, with unruly fans throwing an assortment of paper and plastic and miscellaneous stuff onto the outfield grass, causing an 11-minute delay.
  • Dodgers have won 8 in a row and are now 1.5 games back from the Pads.
  • Pads need a win!