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Chan Ho and Peavy's Wife are Blood Brothers

Padres Notes:

"I'm a member of your family, man," Park said to Jake Peavy, whose wife, Katie, contributed blood along with Kelly Calabrese, the team's massage therapist, and one of Park's friends in Los Angeles.

Katie Peavy and the Ho are blood brothers now.  That's cool.  I'm also glad to hear that Klesko let Calabrese take a break from 24/7 massages so she could give blood.  She gets so much TV time now, she's always one of the first people giving a high five to a player after a home run.  

Park said. "I am feeling much better. I have to go back to the hospital [on Saturday] to check my blood, and after that they'll tell me my blood level. I swallowed a pill that's a camera, and it took 5,000 pictures of my stomach. If the problem doesn't show up, maybe I'm OK."

I'm not buying this pill camera one bit.  I bet Chan Ho wouldn't take his medicine so they had to tell him this phony story about a pill camera taking pictures of his stomach.