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News and Notes

  • We are still waiting to see if we get David Wells.  Any minute now.  The price is one George Kotteras.  I'm not that impressed with Kotteras.  His name has been floating around the farm so long as our best prospect that I bet George Arias is getting jealous.  We have two good young catchers, I think we'll be fine without him.  Wells is running on fumes but maybe we can milk that cow a few more times in the post season before he's put out to pasture.
  • ESPN has had Padres up on their main baseball page for the last two days.  Is this the end times?  First a big story on Hoffman from yesterday and now Dave Roberts is up there.
    Who's hot: Geoff Blum was 0-for-4 on Wednesday, but has 10 RBI in his last nine games.
    Who's not: Mike Cameron was rolling for a while, but is in a 1-for-15 funk at the moment.
    Outlook: Trevor Hoffman is seven saves shy of Lee Smith's all-time save record, and the Padres will likely need him to be perfect down the stretch.
  • Rudy Seanez is back.  Geoff explains and also has some good insights into the possible Wells move.
  • The Cards and Whitesox are interested in getting their hands all over Dave Roberts if he becomes a free agent.