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Shoulder Injury in 1995 hurt Hoffman's velocity

Turns out that from Buster Olney's blog on ESPN, that Trevor hurt his shoulder in 1995 and that was the cause of the loss of velocity.  He's been keeping this secret for 11 years with good reason.  He hurt his shoulder playing grab ass on the beach with a few of his buddies.  Now I've played plenty of beach grab ass in my day, but I'm the ironman of beach grab ass.  Never been hurt and never missed a game.  

That weekend, Hoffman is playing football at Del Mar Beach near San Diego and dives for a pass in the foam of the surf, bouncing awkwardly on his right shoulder. Undeterred, he plays some volleyball, hits the sand for a dig and again lands on the shoulder. He hears a strange sound, like the air being let out of a tire.

He never throws 95 again.