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David Wells is gonna be traded in the next 48 hours

ESPN: odds at "80-20 or 90-10" that Boston will trade him in the next 48 hours.

Will he come back to San Diego?  We are short a pitcher with Chan Ho with his guts all stitched up.  I think we would and should take him if we get the chance. Every team in the NL West has it's flaws, right now we rely on our pitching strength. Given the opportunity do we strengthen our pitching? It doesn't look like any offensive help is available at this time. Besides 3rd base, where would you put another bat?  The question with Wells is the price.  

St. Louis, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego appear to be the frontrunners to land Wells, the source said.

What say you Gaslamp Ball reader? Discuss.


?We've had some preliminary discussions but nothing that seems imminent at this time,? Towers said.