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Sean Burroughs News

Speaking of terrible third basemen, here's a quick update on Sean Burroughs:

Sean Burroughs (who does not look happy in this pic) was activated from the DL today.

Devil Ray's Mailbag:

What is the latest on Sean Burroughs? It seems like no one is interested in him and that he may be through with baseball.
-- Anthony G.

Burroughs did not have a good spring with the bat -- in addition to getting injured -- nor did he hit well during his stint with the Rays in the early part of the season. He showed a competitive drive on the field, but the talent just didn't seem to be there. Currently, he's still at Durham, where he has a .221 average with one home run and 11 RBIs in 31 games.

Baseball  Chase Utley and Sean Burroughs were teammates in Little League

Congratulations to Chase Utley, who extended his hitting streak to 31 games on Sunday. The Phillies second baseman has now hit in more consecutive games than any other player this year.

I have a special affinity toward Utley. Chase and my son Joe played youth baseball for Long Beach Little League. Joe played on the Dodgers. Chase played for the Pirates. One of Chase's teammates was Sean Burroughs, who just may be the best Little League player ever. Joe and Chase are two years older than Sean and neither played on the LBLL All-Star teams that Burroughs spearheaded to World Championships in 1992 and 1993.