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Padres Hidden Ball Under the Cap Game

People were asking me about how I know the answer to the Padres shell game.  I thought I'd post it once more so that everybody can impress their friends.  I've always hated when you ask a magician how they do a trick and they won't tell you.  This is barely a trick, but I thought I would share the knowledge.  One time in elementary school a "scientist" came into our class.  He had a glass jug filled with tennis balls.  The point of the jug was to be amazed and then learn the scientific reason he could get all those tennis balls into the jug.  So I ask him "Hey Mister!  How'd you get all the tennis balls in that there glass jug?  He replied really smuggly "Very well, thank you" and walked away.  Jerk.  Anyway here's the trick.

Secret to the Padres Hidden Ball Under the Cap Game.

Want to impress your friends?  Here's the trick to the hidden ball under the ball cap shell game that they play between innings on the jumbo tron.  

If the ball starts under cap 3 then it will end up under cap 2.  If it starts under cap 2 then it'll end up under cap 1.  Cap 1 will end under cap 3.  So just one cap to the left of the start.

Gaslamp Ball does not condone making money off of your friends but you could see how betting a hot dog on the results may be worth while.