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"This is a series we've got win - got to."

This is my new chant when Peavy is pitching "we've got win!  we've got win!"  I know it's just a typo in the UT but I like it.

Tom Krasovic breaks down the problems for us:

Problem No. 1 for the Padres: Williams (7-5) is a flyball pitcher. Problem No. 2: Williams was in poor form. Problem No. 3: On a fast track, he was backed by an infield defense that had three average-to-subpar defenders, plus first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who of late has appeared fatigued on defense to Bochy.

We need to be playing our starters at this point.  I couldn't agree more.  Our infield is less than impressive, problem is they aren't available.

  • Adrian Gonzalez = fatigued
  • Josh Barfield = rested for his second consecutive game, this time due to a right handed pitcher (Webb) pitching.
  • Khalil Greene is on the DL with a finger sprain.
  • We don't really have a starting third basemen.  Though Branyan hitting 2 HR's and 3 RBI made a statement yesterday.  Now if we could get him to be consistent unlike the rest of the Padres team and play a bit of defense without throwing balls away we might have something.