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Open Thread, 8/27: San Diego Padres Tickets vs Colorado Rockies Tickets

Ignore the references to "tickets" in the title. It's just my own little way of boosting traffic a little bit to the site. I don't think it'll work very well, but hey, it's worth a shot.

Jake goes for us today in a nice little rubbermatch. I anticipate that Jake will attempt to throw the ball as hard as he possibly can. I know... It doesn't sound like much hard hitting analysis, but I'm too busy with homework right now and jbox is celebrating his birthday weekend... who knows where.

Also, here's a little experiment... Take a look at the Pacific Coast League statistics for the year and tell me who the best offensive middle-infielder in the league is.

I'll give you a hint... It's my brother-in-law, Brooks Conrad.

I didn't set that page up by the way. That was done by an enthusiastic fan with a good photographic eye and apparently, a really nice camera.

This has nothing to do really with the Padres (although Brooks can play third base), and everything to do with my wondering if Brooks is going to get big league time this year what with the Astros basically out of the race and needing to begin rebuilding the club for next year.

If you could spare some positive thoughts for him, it would be greatly appreciated.