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Russ Branyan a Padre


I logged in last night around midnight because I heard on the radio that the Padres traded for Russ Branyan.  Then I saw that Sir Dap beat me to the news in the diaries section.  You win this round!

It seems like Kevin Towers is kind of down playing the trade a bit, saying he'll be a bench player,  but he'll be making most of his starts at third base.  Is he planning on making Russ our starting third basemen?  If he down plays it enough then our expectations aren't going to be high and if he fails we won't be as angry, like we were with Walker.  

Are we playing third base by committee now? Bellhorn, Walker and Branyan: The three headed monster at the hot corner.

His average is sitting around the Mendoza line and he strikes out quite a bit, but he's supposed to have good power.  I guess we just wait and see what happens or if this trade is of any real importance.