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The most eventful game I've been to since Jonny Dub bled from the head to get a foul ball

Long time Gaslamp Ballers will remember The Foul Ball Incident which was just one spectacularly bloody part of maybe the most eventful game ever. So many things happened that game (start of May... Anna Kournikova... Jonny Dub bleeding from the head... BEANIE NIGHT), that we were able to get a solid 3 weeks worth of blog posts out of the game.

Well it's happened again. This was the most eventful game I've been to since that fateful game over a year ago. I'm just letting you know...

First off... It completed the sweep of the Dodgers to put us only a game behind in the West. That by itself would've provided plenty of material as I would have a chance to tell you all how much I love it when the Padres beat the Dodgers and how I hate Dodger Fan and so on and so on. But that's not all...

I also got to meet up with... Not one... Not two... BUT THREE Gaslamp Ballers! Shouts out to David, fairweather and Christina (Section231Row1).

There were numerous fights. Guys throwing guys getting thrown down rows of chairs. Guys throwing chicks around. Shirtless guys running around in the streets. Insanity.

We also checked in with the Pad Squad a little bit, which is always interesting and/or eventful. Actually... I should probably write that one up first. That was kinda funny, except for the eight times that they implied I was gay. I thought that might've been a little uncalled for. Major League Memory indeed!

Finally, Jonny Dub got a foul ball. If you watch a replay of the game, it's the one that Bellhorn doesn't catch in foul territory. It ended up rolling right to Jon... who was so excited about it that he sacrificed the rest of his hot dog. Jonny Dub insisted on me putting the hot dog photo up on the blog, so here it is.


More posts as I write them up.