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Dog Days of Summer

I got out to the ballpark early on Tuesday night to check out the "Dog Days of Summer".  I got to the ticket window and asked for the cheapest seat, since I was going to try and sit next to Dex and Boo.  The ticket window guy wouldn't let me buy my ticket until he showed my Gaslamp Retired Numbers T-Shirt to everybody in the office.  Business stopped as they asked where I got it and tried to name all the players.  

This was the first time I wore it in public.  Sure I've worn it a few times around the house and flexed in front of the mirror with it on, but seriously who hasn't?  Anyway it was the first time I had worn it, so I was a bit surprised how many people were staring at the shirt trying to figure out what it meant or how they were gonna get their hands on one.  I got stopped by 3 Padres employees and 2 fans asking how they could get the shirt.  The Gaslamp shirts are a sensation.

Dex and I saw (stalked) John Weisbarth after his pre-game show finished in the Park in the Park. We gave him a t-shirt and then watched as he walked away to see if he'd throw it in the trash once he thought he was out of sight.  He must have known we were watching because he never threw it in the trash.  It's a good thing too because we probably would have started to cry.

We then surveyed all of the dogs that showed up for the game.  In case you don't know, once a year a certain number of fans are allowed to bring their canine friends to the ballpark and watch the game.  It starts with a little party and a ceremonial walk around the field.  There were dogs of all shapes and sizes.  I used to be a little scared of dogs until I started watching "The Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic channel.  Now I am the alpha male, the leader of the pack.  I was flaunting my new skills around the dogs, making sure that they were in a calm submissive state and correcting them with quick touches to the neck if they weren't.  I also said "Tssst!" to let them know who they were dealing with.  By the end I was figuratively roller blading around the park with a pack of dogs.  It turned out to be a great success.  I wish the Padres would do this type of thing more often.