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Kevin Brown pulls a gun on neighbor

Kevin Brown apparently pulled a gun on his neighbor in Georgia for throwing grass clippings over the fence into his yard.  Even though both dudes have acres of land it took a gun to settle things.

"He got irate and he threatened me, he's threatening to take me out. I stepped back away from the fence, took the gun out of my pocket and held it by my side. I think it was something anybody would have done in my situation."
I don't know what type of guy would threaten to take out Kevin Brown. I met that guy at McGregors in Mission Valley. He stared me down real good when I shook his hand. Never said a word. He was huge and had the strongest arms and cutest... wha? oh sorry I started to swoon. Anyway he and Joey Hamilton drove off together in Brown's Dodge Viper. The whole situation was real weird. In any case I can't see anybody threatening Kevin Brown knowing how psycho he is. Let alone threatening Kevin Brown when he's packin' heat.

I guess the situation was resolved when the neighbor decided to buy a mulcher and Brown decided to build a bigger fence and probably buy bigger guns too.