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News and Notes

  • Adam Eaton earned his first win as a Texas Ranger.  It was his second start since surgery on his finger.
    "I thought his command was a little better. He got to that fourth inning and was able to get back into step. There were a lot of groundballs and he had good life on his fastball. He had a lot of different looks and got strike one a lot," Texas manager Buck Showalter said. "We were contemplating whether to pitch him yesterday or today, and I'm glad we waited another day."
  • Coors Field has soggy balls.  Cirillo described the balls as being "spongy, puffy and heavy".  "One looked like a round ball and the other looked like an oblong ball," Cirillo said.  The balls brought from Milwaukee were "dried out and shrunk".  Manager Ned Yost commented on the balls, saying "That's nuts, man."  He continued, "I don't care if they are dry or wet."
  • Chase Ultey has pushed his hitting streak to 33 games.  I personally want him to break Dimaggio's record.  
  • Padres jumped in a time machine last night and returned to last year.  Wasting one of the few great pitching performance by Peavy, they were shut out and never seemed to show much life.  Sometimes I wonder if the Padres have any interest in winning the NL West.  
    "We've got to start taking advantage when these teams behind us lose," Peavy said.
  • Eric Young was released yesterday to make room for Ben Johnson.  Everybody will miss him for what a great guy he was.  Nobody will miss his poor offense and defense.