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Open Thread, 8/19: Padres vs a bunch of muthaf_ckin' snakes... ON THIS MUTHAF_CKIN' PLANE

So the Padres let me down once again. No pony. I'm not exactly sure what it will take to get a pony, but by gum... I'll keep tryin'.

Padres did manage a win, which in itself is a little bit of a birthday miracle. I don't think Cameron took too kindly to being called out for being a problem in the clubhouse as he decided to become a bad little motherf_cker and unload on the Muthaf_ckin' Snakes all up in muthaf_ckin' Petco Park last night.

To paraphrase Sam Jackson... "Cameron's had it with all these muthaf_ckin' rumors... ON THE MUTHAF_CKIN' INTERNETS!"

One thing about last night though. In the 9th with Williamson in, I was getting a little bit frustrated. When you're up by six... Just go ahead and serve them up a little bit. Odds are still in your favor even if they hit the ball in play. There was no need to stress last night's game and yet for some reason, I did. And I blame Williamson for that stress.

Also, I want to see a third baseman at third. I've had it with all these muthaf_ckin' second basemen playin' muthaf_ckin' THIRD BASE.

Anyways... I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane yet. Jess and I saw Little Miss Sunshine. I don't remember them saying the word "muthaf_cker" in that movie.