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Open Thread, 8/18: Padres vs The Uncontrollable Urge to Suck

Once again... As it has been in the past... As it will be in seasons to come... The Padres face the Uncontrollable Urge to Suck. The Suck has really gotten a hold of our boys lately and when It gets a hold of you... You kinda just gotta do whatever It tells you to do.

Jess and I are headed to the game tonight. I'm going to wear my Numbers t-shirt. If you've e-mailed an order and I haven't gotten back to you, don't worry. I will get back to you.

Light some incense for our boys tonight. Light a candle. Do your mantras. Your mojos. Maybe a prayer to St. Jude is in order at this point.

The Padres need a win.

It's my birthday today. Please, Padres... Grant my birthday wish. I'm not entirely sure how the Padres will manage to deliver a pony to my door, but if the Padres could somehow deliver my birthday wish pony to my door by the time we get home after they lose tonight's game... it would be the best birthday miracle evers.