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Pictures from Tuesday's Game

Before the game Trevor came out wearing a sleeveless shirt and signed some autographs. He was all about showing off his guns. I don't mean to be critical here, but Trevor should lose the 1992 haircut and get a flat top. How intimidating would that be if he had a really good flat top?

Next two pics are of the Pad Squad working really hard tearing apart the little podium thing. Bless their hearts.

Sweeney has been taking the line up card out to the umps before the game in recent days. Comes out slapping umps on the back and laughing about how funny it is that a player is bringing out the line up card. Don't worry I don't get how it's funny either.

The one word that comes to mind when I see this pictures of Giles is "thick".

The picture on the right is Adrian in the batters box.

Bonds got plenty of boos and he grabbed his helmet as he had another mental breakdown.

Chris Young is 6'10".

There were two sets of girls wearing pink at the game trying to get the attention of some big leaguers. From what I could tell they only caught the attention of really drunk fans.

Somebody should make a t-shirt out of those retired numbers. I'm telling you it'd be good.