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Open Thread, 8/16: Padres vs Giants

In two days, I turn 30. It's a little scary. Like, I'm not scared of turning 30, but at the same time, I kinda feel like I should be scared. Not of getting old, but of the fact that I still don't have any pubic hair. Guys are supposed to have pubic hair before they turn 30, right?

That's crass. I actually have pubic hair. I've had pubes for so long that I've named them. I call them... The Aristocrats!

All the disgusting reference to my boosh is just to try to disguise the fact that the Padres are now a full three games back and I'm not sure that it looks like it's getting better. The hitting has decided to take a break and I'm suspecting that jbox is right in concluding that Magadan must be calling players and giving them advice. I'm hoping that it's now bad enough that tonight's lineup will actually reflect what people are doing. When Enzo is able to bring up Vinny Castilla and the idea that we shouldn't have released him and I find myself thinking... I think he might have a point. Well, let's just say it makes me a little uncomfortable.

We're not talking about a team full of grizzled veteran players who are set in their mentalities as to what position they play. We're talking mostly about utility guys and guys who are still under their initial minor league contracts. Let's mix things up. Get back in the race.

Oh... And I actually don't have pubes yet. I just changed my story so that you'd think I'm normal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Friday though.