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Padres Frustration Grows

Padres Steph hooked us up with killer seats last night behind home plate.  I've never sat so close to the action in a big league park.  I have pictures but I forgot my camera at home.  Big thanks to Steph.

Sitting so close made me notice a few things:

  1.  Chris Young is a clinical giant.  I think I might be scared of him now.  I did notice that Chris Young really seems to telegraph his off speed pitches.  No wonder he throws mostly fastballs.  His arms speed and delivery slow down and a major league hitter could easily lay off of that pitch.  
  2.  Seeing the movement on a Morris curve ball is really impressive.
  3.  Josh "Storytime" Bard is a really good defensive catcher.  He was smothering balls in the dirt all over the place.  Diving in front of offline throws, blocking the balls with his chest like he was Superman.  I like Storytime behind the dish.
  4.  Barry Bonds is done.  He is not the threat he once was.  He'll still run into some pitches now and again, but there is no reason to intentionally walk him any longer.
I have a theory that Dave Magadan has been calling and emailing players with hitting tips.  This must be the reason our offense is so terrible again.  Maybe we can hire back Magadan just to fire him and try and jump start the offense.

My frustration with the Padres has grown almost to the point where it's hard to have any hope for them at all.  If you can't hit you can't win, it's that simple.  

Two defensive plays really caught my attention last night.  I didn't see the game on TV so if somebody got a better view then let me know.

Khalil should have caught that weak low liner that was hit right at him.  If he would have charged the ball and caught it, he would have saved a run.  Instead he pulled up and played it off the bounce.  The runner on third never hesitated and ran towards home.  It could have been a double play.

I just noticed the UT talking about this play:

He astutely read Moises Alou's knuckling liner, which shortstop Khalil Greene gloved on one hop after it appeared he might try to catch it before it landed.

"It was weird," Greene said. "The ball's not often hit like that. It's not easy. It's an in-between play and a difficult dive if you try it. He did a great job of baserunning."

Mike Cameron also pulled up on a ball hit in shallow center.  I don't think he would have had to dive. If he had just kept charging the ball, I think he probably could have caught the ball standing up.  Does Cameron only make diving plays to his left and right?  I swear I could have caught that ball.  If I remember correctly the baserunner then stole second and came around to score.

That reminds me the Padres brought back "Pop Fly Pay off". That's when they let a fan try and catch 3 pop fly's in the outfield before a game. I haven't seen them do that since back in Qualcomm. I could watch it all day.

Overheard at Petco Park last night:

"He has got an enormous butt." Talking about Chris Young's womanly curves.

"Khalil Greene we loooove you!" Everytime Khalil came to bat.

"Khalil Greene save me!"  Everytime a foul ball was popped up in our general direction.

"I don't see (Pad Squad) Armando on the field, maybe he got a new job".