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Open Thread, 8/15: Padres vs Giants

Disgustingly, the Padres have fallen 2.5 games back. There was something I was going to write here, but the internets seem to be running slow for me, so I'll leave it out.

Marc over at Beyond the Box Score sent me this Brian Giles spray chart, but it's kinda not really happy news either. Hrmm...

In happier news, we still have t-shirts available! Couple things... Please specify in your e-mail to me what size you want. And I'm still strugglin' to get this PayPal merchant thing going, so thanks for your patience. I'll get to all of you. We're almost out of sizes other than large and we have a new order in, so if you want another size, let me know and I'll set it aside for you once we get the new stock. Me, jbox and Jonny Dub are doing the shirts ourselves, and we're not really good at it just yet, but I promise the t-shirts are cool and when you're walking around and somebody spots the t-shirt and realizes what it is... It's worth the ten bucks.