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I think they've made advances in Big League Chew technology

I'm going to write a bit this week about my day Saturday at the Aflac All-American baseball game. As part of my "payment" for volunteering, I got to take home as much Big League Chew as I wanted. It's been years and years since I've had Big League Chew and I've discovered several things.

First off, I'm a little bit surprised and somewhat impressed that Big League Chew has been in existence as long as it's been considering the fact that it's basically a pouch of bubble gum shredded up so that kids can pretend it's chewing tobacco. I would honestly have thought that anti-tobacco people would've done something about this by now. Something like this shouldn't have been allowed to propogate among our nation's youth. First you start with the Big League Chew, then you move on to sweet mary jane. And once sweet mary jane's got you, then it's totally cigarettes on the regular... regardless of whether you're drunk or not.

Secondly, they've done something to improve Big League Chew Flavor Technology. I remember when I was younger than I am today and the flavor would last 30 seconds with a wad of this stuff. I'd constantly be recharging until I had 3 full pouches in my mouth. Now, it seem that the flavor is doing pretty good for itself. I've been chewing the wad I've been chewing since sometime yesterday. The trouble with being conditioned to recharge the chew is the fact that I'm on autopilot. I'm constantly throwing more in my mouth even though the flavor's still around. The wad in my cheek is the size of a tennis ball and I keep trying to blow bubbles.

I've dry heaved four times.

In other news, are the Dodgers ever going to lose? And are the Giants going to roll over for us the same way they rolled over for LA? One can only hope.

Keep chewin', Chewers!