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Padres All-Time Web Gems

Padres All Time Web Gems will be on tonight at 9pm on Baseball Tonight.

Throughout most of the Padres' 37-year history, they have had at least one standout defensive player. Two future Hall-of-Famers, who went on to stardom with other teams, started their careers in San Diego. Dave Winfield played his first eight seasons in a Padres uniform, anchoring the outfield, and Cardinals great Ozzie Smith started his wizardry with the Padres in his first four years. Ken Caminiti flashed his glove at third base for four seasons in the mid-'90s. But when one thinks of the Padres, it begins and ends with Tony Gwynn. The future Hall-of-Famer was a staple in right field for 20 seasons in San Diego.

"I think people forget that Dave Winfield was actually a Padre" -- John Kruk

Is it possible for John Kruk to insult the Padres in every Baseball Tonight episode? I submit that he can.