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Aflac All-American Baseball Game

I'm going to be volunteering over at the Aflac All-American game today. I'll be putting stuff up and I'll be taking stuff down. I'm not sure what else it involves, but I'm hoping to catch a little bit of the game.

I just got myself a new phone and joined the rest of you here in the futuristic 21st century. It has a camera and everything, so I'm going to put together a pictodiary of my day at the game. I'm hoping for something interesting. Maybe I'll see the Aflac duck.

If you've never heard of the Aflac All-American Game, it's basically the baseball version of the McDonald's All-American Basketball Game. This is allegedly the top high school baseball talent in the country. Scouts from all around will be at the game today, scouting and trying to figure who needs to start in on Human Growth Hormone and extra doses of testosterone.

I'm just kidding of course. Just in case though, every time I come near one of the athletes, I'm going to dare him to stay off drugs. That's just the way I roll.