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Padres back in second... The media breathes a sigh of relief...

I think it's fair to say that at this point, we should be paying attention to these standings just as much as the NL West standings. In the NL West we're tied for second now and a half a game out. In the Wild Card... tied for secod and a half a game out.

Tonight we get the Astros. The Astros are mulling over the idea of making another late season rush, but the Padres need to do something. They need to crush those aspirations. You can't have teams sneaking up on you in terms of the Wild Card. Remove the variables.

Baseball Tonight has somehow counted us out now. Jeff Brantley says we should get used to the Dodgers being in first place for the rest of the season. This is of course the Dodgers team that lost 13 of 14 coming out of the break, before winning 11 in a row. This is the Dodgers team that was in last place not more than two weeks ago.

And somehow Jeff Brantley thinks that this division is stable? Would Harold Reynolds or Peter Gammons have said something like that? Baseball Tonight is strugglin'.

Still... Let's start winning again.

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