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I've had a chance to sleep on the trade now

Last night, I ate some really spicy food just before bed in the hopes that I could attract a dream... A vision, if you will... On exactly what happened yesterday.

I did have a crazy dream, but from what I can recall it was about me and my younger brother having rap battles in the living room of my parents' house. There was one killer line I spit about by brother looking like a chicken with his head cut off, but now that I think about it, it didn't really rhyme, though somehow in the dream it seemed like it rhymed really well.

So... No visions.

Here are the objective facts. There was way too much traffic over all of the SBNation sites and it apparently crashed the servers. There is however a nice recap and discussion of what we missed over at Ducksnorts. I'll keep an eye out on Geoff's analysis, which I'm sure is forthcoming.

Another objective fact. We got Todd Walker for minor-minor leaguers. Not like minor leaguers, but minor-minor leaguers. Meaning, these guys likely weren't going to help the team very soon. It helps that we only gave up minor-minor leaguers, because even after sleeping on it, I see Todd Walker as a minor-minor upgrade at third.

Even after sleeping on it, I see this move as basically acquiring yet another guy to platoon at third base instead of somebody who will win the spot outright. For me to have gotten excited over this, I would have wanted to see a true upgrade at third instead of another set of gambles.

Will Walker be a better defensive player at third than Blum? Possibly. Than Bellhorn? Probably not.

Walker has a .250 EqA. Bellhorn has a .240 EqA. Sure it's better. But honestly, what does that equate to? One more hit every month? And we'll still use Bellhorn to hit lefties?


oh dude what? I totally fell asleep on my keyboard thinking about that. That's my bad.

Back to my analysis: What happens if Walker absolutely eats it in terms of defense? Will Bellhorn be our defensive sub at third after 5 or 6 innings? I guess it's worked for the catcher spot so far, but is that a formula for success?

And put it this way. Walker isn't even a third baseman. Forget the stats and all that. We were supposed to be looking for a third baseman.

In conclusion... Tell me how wrong I am. Maybe it'll cheer me up, but to me, this is just another trade deadline that has me saying, "eh".