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Padres win themselves some rubbermatch

Happy flight for the Padres as they take the series against the Phillies and contiue their march into the All-Star break.

What did we learn today and indeed over the course of the series?

  • Chase Utley has a fan club called Chase's Chicks. My only questions: Are these girls members of Chase's Chicks? That's from On The DL.

    Actually, I'm guessing the answer is no. The Chase's Chicks chicks looked kinda young. Like high school girls maybe.

  • Josh Barfield can rake.

  • Tom Gordon's fan club isn't nearly as jailbait sexy as Chase Utley's fan club.

  • Jake Peavy could strike out 16 over 9 innings, and go 2 for 2 with a 2-run homer and still manage a no decision.

  • Tony Gwynn still has that strange accent.
Did we learn anything else? I'm not even sure that we did. Let's carry some karma into Washington.

Huzzah Padres!

Update [2006-7-7 12:34:36 by Dex]: Nascentes Morimur with more of the same sentiment regarding Peavy. Nascentes Morimur means "from the moment we are born, we die". Just in case you were wondering.