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Mostly Chris Young, most of the time

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The Rules: I'm going to put up some links. Then, I'm going to make my remarks. Finally, you'll read what has been written and comment accordingly.

  • According to USA today, if Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson had a love child it would be Chris Young. I actually think it would be Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, but far be it from me to dispute USA Today as they contemplate the product of such an unholy and unnatural pairing.

  • metalsupply rolls out more reasons why the All-Star Game voting sucks. Vegas is only giving 5-1 against Chris Young getting voted in. Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane has been selected to NL shortstop. Damn soccer and it's stranglehold on American sports fans! STAY OUT OF OUR NATIONAL PASTIME!

    Seriously though... All-Star voting is a joke. The whole thing is a farce. There's not one good thing about it. It's a stain on baseball worse than interleague play. Worse than the DH. Worse than steroids. At least steroids have a biproduct that people want to see (homeruns). The All-Star game is crass and insulting to our colletive intelligences.

  • BayBear Beat notes two former BayBears in the All-Star Game. Two former BayBears means two current Padres right? Right? Oh, what? Really? Ugh... Maybe this is why I don't like the All-Star Game this year.

  • Mr. Irrelevant wants Chris Young as an All-Star. I hope our guy makes it, but if he doesn't... Then eff those guys.