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Sandy Alderson: Neil Diamond fan?

Sandy did the keynote speech for 53 U.S. military personnel sworn in as new citizens.

Sandy Alderson, Padres chief executive officer and a former Marine infantry officer, in his keynote remarks, quoted the song "America" by Neil Diamond:

"Everywhere around the world

They're coming to America

Every time that flag's unfurled

They're coming to America."

I think this should be Sandy's move from now on... Quoting Neil Diamond songs. Like in talking to DePodesta on the phone:

DePo: Hello, DePo here.

Sandy: Hello again, hello.

DePo: Oh hey Sandy, yeah I got some new numbers...

Sandy: [interrupting] Just called to let you know... I think about you ev'ry night when I'm here alone... And you're there at home... Hello.

Depo: Umm yeah hey what? Yeah, hello, Sandy. Anwyays, I don't think the Commissioner's office is going to let us...

Sandy: [interrupting] Girl, we do whatever we want to. Ah, I love the way that you do me. Cherry, babe, you really get to me.

Depo: Woah, what? Sandy, are you quoting Cherry Cherry by Neil Diamond? Get back on track. I'm gonna need a hand with...

Sandy: Hands. Touching hands. Reaching out. Touching me. Touching you.

Depo: Yeah. I'm gonna call you back some other time.