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Open Thread, Independence Day: Padres vs Phillies

Happy 4th of July!

Padres go against the Phillies today in Philadelphia which seems somehow a little unfair. I mean, San Diego is in America. It's America's Finest City after all, but being in Philadelphia... on the 4th of July what with our foreign sounding name and our manager being born in France and all. I'm just not sure how much karma we're pulling today.

Then again, we've got Clay Hensley. And we're going against a rookie in Hamels who was actually born in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo High alumni). Maybe Colbert will feel a tinge of something that will make him want to take it easy on his favorite baseball team.

Then again, maybe he'll want to prove a point by smoking us.

Fire up the grills! It's hot dog eatin' time! USA! USA! USA!