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Trade Deadline Day (or Why Aundrea Rules)

Baseball Trade Deadline reminds me a little of Making The Band, which I watched for the first time in a while over the weekend. You wait all this time to see who ends up in the band, but then you realize that after they're picked, they still have to perform. All they've done is made the band.

Like take Making The Band 3... There's Aundrea and then there's the rest of these girls that could get kicked to the curb for all I care. I mean, really. It's been the Aundrea show up till this point, how is it not going to be the Aundrea band? However... for all that sassy sexy potential... she still has to perform. Cause Diddy ain't takin' no hodads when it comes to skillz on the mic.

That's how I'm feeling about the Padres. I'm waiting to see what we get. Will we get an Aundrea? Somebody who is that good? Will we get a curb girl? If we do get the Aundrea, will she be able to get over her dick of a boyfriend and actually perform for us? Or will she be all whiny and mopey? Always on the phone... Missing her boyfriend who spends his money on trips to Vegas instead of trips out to see her? What will we get?

The suspense is killing me...