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Open Thread: 7/27; San Diego vs. Colorado

Woody Williams vs. Josh Fogg tonight.

Kev is in Denver to see the game tonight.  He flew in for business and was able to catch the game.  He tells us he's gonna take some pictures and have a game wrap up post sometime later tonight.  Eat them oysters Kev.  I dare you.

Pitching Matchup

SD: RHP Woody Williams (4-2, 3.15 ERA)
Williams has shown no ill effects since his return from a torn calf muscle, posting a 2.96 ERA, striking out 11 and walking just three in his four starts since coming back from the disabled list.

COL: RHP Josh Fogg (7-5, 4.25 ERA)
Fogg is in the midst of his best month this season, posting a 2.70 ERA over three starts in July. The right-hander hasn't finished a month with an ERA below four so far this season.

I've only been to Denver once and I just had a lay over in the airport. I always pictured the city in the mountains but it is at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I took this picture, it looks like it might have come from Star Wars on the planet Tattooine.

But I was going to go into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!