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An Ode to a Sweep at Dodger Stadium

The sight of a sweep at Chavez Ravine
Something like a rose grown out in my yard
Regardless of the smell of bums peein'
My love for the sweep unblemished, unscarred

Jake Peavy, A-Go and Mike Cam-e-ron
Along with the rest of the Padres boys
Played out their hearts underneath yonder sun
Much like a child who has too many toys

Storytime does things amazing indeed
Like watching Bowen catch throws without a mitt
A reader? A lover? Fighter, his breed
Good for a double or just a base hit.

The taste of the sweep is fresh on my buds
The taste of good things from our baseball studs

Update [2006-7-27 11:44:11 by Dex]: I realize now that its wasn't Storytime, but Bowen that made the barehanded catch. Seeing as it took me hours to write a proper Elizabethean Sonnet, I'm not going to fix it now.