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Gaslamp Ball Interview Series: Chase's Chicks

For those of you who don't know, I'm 29 years old. I turn 30 next month. I don't watch nearly as much TV as I used to. I don't ever get out to the movies. I'm not always sure what's going on in pop music. When I talk to some of the younger people in my MBA class (23-24 year olds), I don't always understand what they're talking about, but for the most part, I hold my own. Granted, there are some things I may not ever get... like the peanut butter jelly song.

That being said, I've never felt old.

...until now.

In the latest Gaslamp Ball Intervew, we talk to one of Chase's Chicks, Chase Utley's yellow feathered, booty shorts and tank top wearing, jailbaitesque fan club. If there's one thing this interview has made me learn, it's this:

I have no idea what teenage girls are talking about and I'm OK with that.

Dex: Do you have any friends/sisters/cousins 3 to 16 years older than you, that look like you guys, who live within 300 miles of San Diego? My buddy wants to know.

Chase's Chick: ummmm some of us have older sisters but they all live around here ahha soo idk. tell ur buddy im sorry.

Dex: What's up with your little rivalry with Flash's Followers? And how lame are those dudes that they don't want hot chicks in yellow booty shirts in their group?

Chase's Chick: yeah well with the followers its kinda a long story haha. but we wanted to sit with them one came and they all yelled at us so we were like--lets make our own fan club. but we go to school with all of them and like there all our "good friends" even tho last game on the 23rd they boooed us and got everyone in the stands to chant "shut ur mouths" which was no cool at all. soo as of right now we dont like them. i think there jsut mad bc we are getting a lot of attention right now, and they think we go jsut 2 steal it away from them, when in fact we go b/c we enjoy like cheering for a pplayer we really like.

Dex: Why do Phillies Fans end up in these factions?

Chase's Chick: haha b/c that just how Phillie is, we are all crazy spirited fans.

Dex: Do you ever end up rumbling in the stands with a rival gang?

Chase's Chick: hmmm im not sure, there probably are people who fight but in the up comming games if these bboys dont stop, there will be hahah.

Dex: What makes Chase Utley the guy that you root for?

Chase's Chick: haah we were just asked this quetion by a lady form the Phillies mag. haha well we think hes extremly good looking of corse, and the fact that he is a good player all around is also a plus, haha.

Dex: What would you do if the group got to meet Chase Utley? Should he be scared?

Chase's Chick: well we are tryin very hard 2 meet him, we gave him one f our hats yesterday, bc we know one of the boys in the dug out ( well we met him) and he text me, haha and said that chase likes the hat so maybe if we keep giving him stuff he will let us meet him. And supposivly his wife or w/e she is said she liked us haha i mean its not like were trying to steal him from her, WERE 17! haha but he is cute.

Thanks to Chase's Chick Hallie for the interview! You guys are awesome.