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Bochy on 1090

I caught the last bit of the Scott and BR show this morning.  It looks like they will be sending Justin Leone back down.  Bochy's reasoning is that he needs Sledge to back up Giles who's hamstring still isn't 100%.  Bochy thinks it's about 80% healed.  Leone doesn't have the experience at this level to take over in such meaningful games.  Bochy admits that something needs to be done about the defense at third base.  Well first things first, remove the curse of Vinny Castilla.


Is it the curse of Vinny Castilla? Or a fielding slump for Geoff Blum?

"My defense is a little bit funky right now," Blum said.

This is just cool or crazy.  Bowen caught that ball that Khalil threw home barehanded.  I need to see a replay of that play.  Greene really did fire it in:

Greene was stunned to learn that Bowen made the play without his mitt. "He caught that ball barehanded?" Greene asked. "I had no idea. I smoked that throw. He didn't have his glove on? Where did it go?"