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Open Thread, 7/20: Los Padres contra Los Gigantes

Now's when things get interesting. The Padres have a 2.5 game lead over the Giants. Tonight, we have The Ho (6-5, 4.49) going against some yahoo named Lowry (4-6, 4.58). This series really counts. Take a few here and we can get some distance between us and the Giants.

In Barry Bonds news. He hasn't hit a home run since the last time he hit a home run. He hasn't been indicted yet. The fans of the Giants are still fiercely loyal to him and still like to insult anybody who says that it wouldn't be the same way if Bonds was on their team.

Finally, study up on Morgan Ensberg cause the Magic 8 Ball says that he'll be a Padre by the end of the weekend. I asked, "Will Morgan Ensberg be a Padre by the end of the weekend?" And here's what it came up with, no joke:

So it has been prophesized... So it shall come to pass.