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Josh Bard Book Reading

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I went to listen to Catcher Josh Bard read books to little kids today.  He read the first book titled The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! .  He was having trouble reading while showing the pictures.  He tried reading upside down and eventually just read it normally then showed the pictures at the end of each page.

The second book was about a stand off between cows and farmers and he gave it to his wife to read.  You could tell she was a teacher.  She read real good while showing us the pictures and used a bunch of voices.  

Now it was time to open up the floor to questions.  One of the little kids asked "Do chickens make milk?"

Bard Answered, "No, but they make a good burrito"

One little girl kept pleading "No more books!"  Bard replied "Okay we don't have to read anymore books".

His message for the children was "Leaders are Readers!"

The kids lined up and he signed postcards for them and gave them pennants.  I asked a Padres employee if I could get in line too.  She said I could.  I introduced myself and then asked him what his favorite baseball book was.  He said it was a book by A-Rod's sports psychologist named Fanning?  The book was titled "How to score..." or something.  I'm the worst blogger ever, I can't remember the name of the book now and can't seem to find it on the internet.  Anybody heard of this book or have any ideas?  He said it has helped him a lot this season.

In any case he seems like a really nice guy and very genuine.  It was a pleasure to have him read to me.

Update [2006-7-18 20:17:54 by jbox]:

Wiggins4Ever coming through with the book title. The book that Bard recommended was S.C.O.R.E. for Life (R): The Secret Formula for Thinking Like a Champion by Jim Fannin.