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What's Adrian Gonzalez's nickname?

Last night, during the post-game interview, Vasgersian ran the nickname "A-Go" by Adrian Gonzalez who seemed to like it, but honestly may have been a little indifferent to it. A-Go is the name I've been trying to push, but for whatever reason, people haven't been keen to it. On this blog at least, more people seem to like "A-Gone". The main reason I don't like A-Gone is because it sounds a lot like Egon, who of course is a Real Ghostbuster and not a guy who mashes homeruns.

LynchMob over at Ducksnorts has gotten them to try out the name "Hez" . Hez brings up a curiously interesting GIS, but I'm undecided on it as a nickname.

Therefore... I leave it to you. What's Adrian Gonzalez's nickname?

Vote in the poll or nominate ones that you like.

My other nomination, though I didn't put it in the poll is "Flamenco"... On second thought... Maybe I'll just put that in the poll.