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The series against the Braves has almost completely crushed my soul, and without a soul, I'm barely even human. I'm like some sort of animal that can't even form coherent words.



The ump crew this weekend completely squeezed the Padres. All our best pitchers got rocked. Trevor blew a save. Chipper F_cking Jones with his smug little grin. The effing Braves just completely shelling us.


And I hate that dumb tomahawk chant thing. I hate it so much that it makes me hate Native Americans for even existing to inspire such a stupid chant. I know that it's not really their fault, but I'm beyond reason now that my soul is crushed. Right now, I'm angry at all indiginous peoples. And I hate the city of Atlanta. And the state of Georgia. And I'm mad at anybody that wears black shirts with gray pants.