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Gwynn will be making his major league debut

Brewers send Koskie to 15-day DL, call up Gwynn Jr.

Outfielder Tony Gwynn -- the son of the former San Diego Padres outfielder -- was recalled from Triple-A Nashville to take Koskie's spot on the roster.

The seed that sprung from Gwynn's loins has grown and pitchers shiver with fear everywhere.

My first big league game was a huge mental breakthrough for me because, like most of these guys, I thought the big leagues were gonna be 10 times as hard as the minor leagues, as college and high school. When I got there, I realized I could hit a major league fastball, and I could hit a major league curveball. I realized that it wasn't as tough as I thought it was. I could relax and do what I'd always done. . . To me, the sooner you can understand that you belong, that you can have the success you're looking for by doing what you've always done, the rest of it is gonna come. You don't have to try to go out there and get it. Those 200-hit seasons will come, those 100 runs, scores, hits, gold gloves, all of it. All that stuff is a by-product of working hard and believing that you can do what you've always done.

Tony Gwynn