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Game 2: Padres vs. Braves

Looks like the Padres took one on the chin tonight.  11-3 and that three run homer came in the 8th inning.  The good news is Adrian Gonzalez is killing the ball right now, I think that's 4 homers in the last 3 games.  The bad news is our pitching isn't doing so hot.

Hopefully Peavy can turn it around and get a win tomorrow.  

Andruw Jones hit the longest home run in Petco Park history with a shot to left center.  453 ft.  

Jones pulled up on a ball last night and jogged in that I thought he could have caught.  I wonder how great he'd be if wasn't worried about looking cool.  

I'll get an open thread up tomorrow.  I ended up seeing "Pirates..2" and it was a lot longer then I thought it was going to be.