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Extra Innings

Dex and I went to the game last night.  That game felt like an eternity.  4+ hours of baseball.  Plenty of offense and it seemed that every home run went over the wall in the deepest part of centerfield.  Adrian Gonzalez was awesome.  He's my favorite player, it's official.

Atlanta took the early lead, then the Padres battled back and took the lead away 4th, just to have the Braves steal it backin the 5th.  The Pads were none to happy about that so they muscled the lead away from them in the 6th.  Then Hoffman blew the save giving up the lead again.  Padres kept tying up the game until finally the Braves took the game in the 11th.  It was exhausting.

I've got to make a few complaints about Petco Park again.  

  1.  I went up to get a hot dog in the 7th inning.  The line moved soooo slow.  As most of you know, volunteers run the concession stands to raise money for their groups.  It's tough because it's the first and probably last time that they will work there so they are all still learning.  I don't blame them.  They are always friendly and courteous and try their best.  When you have crowds like you did last night it's impossible for them to succeed.  Some guys ordered 4 beers and they were at the front of the line for easily 10 minutes.  The staff couldn't get the credit card machine to work and the guys were asking all these stupid questions.  They were just chatting away with the staff and the staff was trying to upsell them, offering them hot dogs and nachos.  It was painful.  The line behind me was getting really angry.  I got to the front of the line had my cash ready and said four words "hot dog" and "thank you" and I was done in 10 seconds.  I'm pleading with Petco to have some experienced vendors behind the concession stands to at least help keep these lines moving.
  2.  I am convinced that whoever the architect was that designed the ball park made some serious flaws.  There are not enough bathrooms.  The traffic and the lines are too much.  With the amount of people going in and out of there they are impossible to keep clean and it takes you a half an inning sometimes to get in and out.  Once again there were no paper towels available.
  3.  Enough with the sound system.  I reached my breaking point last night.  I can't take all the sounds effects and rock songs anymore.  I wouldn't mind it every once in awhile, but I swear it's overkill now.  The flashing lights and the constant noise gives me a headache like one of those japanese cartoons that give people seisures.  I remember a time in the not so distant past where you could go to a ball game to enjoy some time outside, talk to your friend next to you and relax.  You literally have to yell to the person next to you to battle the sound system now.  
Okay sorry for the rant.  I just had to get it off my chest.