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Most Annoying Padre of all time

I was just surfing the internets and I wondered who was the most annoying Padre.

A little while ago I was introduced to this site This person at my work was listed on there because of some TV appearance that she had. I looked up the Padres

Rollie Fingers is the least annoying Padre. He's 42.47% annoying. A possible reason he is annoying:

He sports a mustache straight from the 90's. the 1890's

Tony Gwynn is the second least annoying. They don't have any good reasons why he might be annoying. There is no mention of his weird accent, that lump of fat that appeared on the back of his neck sometime in the 90's or his continued admiration of Barry Bonds.

As the list continues Padres get more and more annoying. John Kruk is 51% annoying. Surprisingly there is no mention of his one nut.

You can review the rest of the list yourselves, but I'll just tell you who the most annoying Padre of all time was... Gaylord Perry

His name could be used as an insult.
He approached the makes of Vaseline about endorsement. A spokesperson for Vaseline told him 'We soothe babies' backsides, not baseballs.'
Despite his reputation as one who doctored baseballs, he said that Pete Rose's 'lack of respect for the game should ban him from the Hall of Fame and from the record books for life.'