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Klesko, Castilla and Kottaras to be traded?

Klesko, Castilla could be on way out

The Padres are looking to trade Ryan Klesko in August, and to trade for a third baseman and possibly a relief pitcher later this month, General Manager Kevin Towers said yesterday.
If Adrian stays healthy, he's going to play. He's not coming out of the lineup."

This is good news.  With any luck we'll never see Klesko in a Padres uniform again.  There is simply no place for him.  If we could get a bit of cash, some prospects or a used car we should take it.

"I think you'll see probably a little more playing time for (Mark) Bellhorn and (Geoff) Blum going forward," Towers said.

You know Castilla has just recently started looking better at the plate, but Bellhorn seems like a much better option at third.  

In a package for a third baseman, it appears the Padres might part with Double-A catcher George Kottaras

I'm surprised to hear Kottaras name floating around in these trade talks since he has been touted as the future of the Padres for so long.  However, you need to trade a player with value to get a player with value.

Ex-slugger just a gofer now?

"Wherever they need me, I don't care," he said. "I'll come out of the 'pen and become a left-handed specialist. I was drafted as a pitcher. Who says I can't come back and do that?"

Who, indeed? Kevin Towers remembers Klesko as a high school pitcher with a quality curve ball and a fastball that reached the low 90s. Left-handed pitchers have lasted a long time with a lot less.

No matter how menial the task, Ryan Klesko is prepared to pitch in.

"You want me to run and get some (sunflower) seeds or some coffee for some guys?" he said. "I've been doing that for the last couple of months."

I think the Surf Dawgs are looking for a pitcher.