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How to eat sunflower seeds

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This post isn't really about how to eat sunflower seeds, but I've found that if you say something like that in the title of your post, then you get a buttload of Google hits. Actually, now that I think about it, over the weekend, I was eating a salad that my mother-in-law made and it had sunflower seeds in it. After I finished my salad, I wanted more sunflower seeds so I stole them off of my wife's plate.

My mother-in-law saw this and filled a little bowl full of unshelled sunflower seeds. I ate so many, I got sick.

I never understood what people meant by "too much of a good thing" until that evening with my bowl full of sunflower seeds. That's why, for this post, if you learn one thing about how to eat sunflower seeds, it's this:

Rule Number 1: Don't eat them when they're already shelled.