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Sandy Alderson Speaks!

It was kind of a weird situation going to this speaking engagement featuring Sandy Alderson.  It seemed like it was all bloggers or people that comment on blogs.  The part that was weird was we were not supposed to take notes, record, or in any way quote Sandy Alderson.  Since this is pretty much what bloggers do, it was a bit odd.  My opinion on this is, that if you want to keep a secret don't tell anyone, especially not a bunch of loud mouth bloggers.  I'll tell you right now that Sandy, did not tell us any secrets.

There was one story that Alderson said he didn't want posted.  It was just a little joke between front office types that might hurt the feelings of a minor leaguer.  But to be honest the joke was only a little bit funny and I probably wouldn't even mention it except the fact that he didn't want it mentioned.  Catch my drift?  No?  Good.  Wink Wink.

Dex, Jon and I sat in the back row, cuz it kind of felt like high school and we did NOT want to be called on by Mr. Alderson.  

I noticed that when Alderson speaks Bloggers nod in a agreement.  It's what happens, it's the truth.  I found myself nodding just to try and fit in.  Us bloggers love a good nod.

Let's get right to the info that I can remember.  I'll paraphrase some things that Alderson said:

  1.  Sandy Alderson hates Stockton, CA.  After he traded Jose Canseco, from the on deck circle of an A's home game he skipped town for a few days.  He wanted to get away from the negativity from the fans and the press.  He went to Stockton, thinking back on that now he wonders which was worse, being in Stockton or just being hated by the entire Bay Area. The only reason I mention this first is that I know we have some readers from Stockton. I just wanted to let them know that Sandy Alderson hates them.
  2.  It's no secret the Padres are looking for a third basemen.  The Pads had a chance at getting somebody but it would have cost them Linebrink.  They nixed the deal.
  3.  Alderson was asked about the umpires.  He wants accuracy and consistency.  He wants the entire umpire team to be consistent.  
  4.  He wants managers to implement the clubs philosophy, not create their own.
  5.  When they signed Brian Giles they did not even bring his lack of power into consideration.  They just assumed that he has no power and decided that they still wanted to sign him.  Any power he does show is gravy.
  6.  He says he reads Padres blogs, for entertainment.  I think he was just trying to endear himself to us.
  7.  Sandy has a secret service type body guards that follow him around.  The whole back of the room was filled with suits.  They all had ear pieces in.
  8.  He said their number one priority in the off season was to sign Trevor. He knew if they didn't then they'd be run out of town.
There was other stuff, but I can't think of it right now.

Sandy was very gracious with his time and was only supposed to talk until 6:30pm but he continued til game time.