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Open Thread, 6/9: Friars vs Fish

Ricky Nolasco wants you to look as far up his nose as you possibly can. F_ckin' snob.

It's that time of the season again wherein we face off against the Marlins. For all your Marlins needs, be sure to check out FishStripes cause for whatever reason, they're sort of our sister site in the SBNation camp.

That's actually a funny story. We were at the first annual SBNation Convention up in Reno, and the convention center was as cold as a toilet seat in Alaska. FishStriper Mike42 didn't bring a jacket and he asked if he could wear mine and I was like, "Dude that's a little weird, but OK." And then he wouldn't stop talking to me even though I kept trying to pretend like I was taking notes. Finally, he asked, "Can I be your sister?" And since nobody's ever asked if they can be my sister before, I said yes.

Take that for what it's worth.

Also, since we've been late with the Open Thread the last few days, maybe being crazy early today will be good karma for the Pads.