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Peavy's Pain

I have a feeling that Peavy is going to end up on the DL in the next couple of days.  I hope I'm wrong.  I get the feeling just because everybody is trying to convince me otherwise.  Every quote starts with "He's fine!  Are you crazy?  Seriously he's fine!  You're a baby!  Stop your crying!  Cuz he's totally fine!..."  then goes into "...BUT if his arm starts to hurt today in his bullpen session then we are screwed and you are crazy for not being concerned!  Don't you care about Peavy?  You are so heartless!"


"This is as good as I've felt after a start in quite some time," said Peavy, who had to pass on his past four bullpen-session assignments because of soreness in his shoulder. "But tomorrow is the important day."

Said manager Bruce Bochy: "Jake's fine. But we'll know when he throws his bullpen."

I'll be honest I don't even think we are that screwed if Peavy misses a few more starts on the DL.  It's not like he's winning games for us as it is.  He has to pitch perfect to make the one or two runs that the offense give him to work with.  

Tendonitis doesn't go away after a week.  He's going to have to be kept to a pitch count for awhile or just go on the DL and rest that arm of his.