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Open Thread: 6/6, Simon and Simon vs. Happy Days

Game 2 of 4 vs. the Brewers.

Let's hope tonight's game goes a little better than last night.  Highlights included 9 walks, Hensley not covering first base and Piazza getting thrown out two feet off first base.  

Jake Peavy is pitching tonight, after missing a start due to tendonitis.  Hopefully he's fully recovered and if he's not then let's hope he tells somebody.  Our bullpen has been magnificient in recent games with the only run in the last five games coming last night against Linebrink.

Currently the Padres are tied with the Giants for 3rd place in the NL West with a record of 30-27.

Adrian Gonzalzes has a 13 game hitting streak going.  It's the longest of his career and he's batting .333 during those games.

I think that brings us up to speed.